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The Real Reason We Struggle With Self-Esteem

How to identify and correct a damaged sense of self-worth

What is low self-esteem? In a word: Uncertainty. Struggling with low self-esteem means constantly worrying if you are good enough.

If you feel unworthy, are prone to negative self-talk, and constantly fear the rejection of others, it’s important to step back and recognize that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Research suggests that the cause of all low self-esteem can be segmented into one of five categories, each with different characteristics

Identifying which has had the most significant impact on your self-image allows you to jump ahead and get a head start developing the kind of deep, unshakeable confidence that makes hitting your wildest goals a total given.

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Low Self-Esteem Isn't A Life Sentence

Confidence isn’t something that you have. It’s something you learn.

I.C.E. Cold Confidence Online Training Program can help anyone break free from self-doubt and build confidence that lasts. All that’s needed is the desire to reach your next level of success, and the determination to hold yourself accountable through each step.


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