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5 Signs That Low Self-Esteem is Holding You Back

If you frequently talk yourself out of great opportunities or fear that you’re just not good enough, then you may be suffering from low self-esteem. More than being hard on yourself, low self-esteem can be a severe problem that holds even the smartest, most capable people back from going after their dreams.

Other signs include:

  • Focusing on your fears. Scared of getting it wrong or often worried about what others will think?
  • Having low expectations for yourself. Do you belittle and criticize your own efforts so often that you’re convinced it’s not worth trying something new?
  • Feeling as though you’re stuck in a rut. Do your habits and attitudes help or hurt your potential?

If those sound familiar, low-self esteem could be holding you back. But, you’re not alone.

68% of people struggle with low self esteem

Plenty of people appear confident on the outside, despite constantly battling thoughts of not being good enough, feeling unwanted, or like a fraud. Without a strong sense of self, it’s easy to spend countless hours worrying about how others perceive you — at work, with friends, even just shopping at the store.

All that self-doubt means that living with low self-esteem can be exhausting.

How is Your Self-Esteem?

Are you wondering if you have high or low self-esteem? We can help you answer that question. Developed by a doctor and based on science, our free self-esteem assessment was designed to determine your current level of self-esteem and identify if you need to work on self-confidence.

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