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Discover how to turn off your mental brakes, get more out of life and create deep, unshakable confidence that LASTS.

Watch the short video below to see how you can “flip the script” on your self-esteem, break through your old patterns and live your life at 110%:

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Are You Tired Of:

  • Spending weeks, months or even YEARS dreaming and stressing about the same thing – but making little to no progress?
  • Struggling to push past the “invisible ceiling” that’s holding you back from what you truly want in life?
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed that everyone else seems to be moving ahead in life…meanwhile you’re stuck in the same place?
  • Walking into a room full of people and feeling like you’re out of place…on the spot…and of lower value than everyone around you?
  • Starting a new diet, workout routine, or self-improvement plan…but losing momentum and motivation and ending up right back where you started?
  • Struggling to make new or existing relationships go the way you want them to?
  • Wondering why other people seem to get what they want so easily…when it feels so much harder for you?
Accepting Who You Are Doesn't Come Naturally To Anyone

Here’s the truth:

All of these issues happen to smart people. Hard-working people. People who truly want the best for themselves…but just can’t make it happen for some reason.

But science has shown that this “reason” isn’t mysterious. It’s not “just the way things are.” And it’s not something you’re born with.

It turns out there’s something very subtle (and very powerful) at play, which is that:

All of your issues come down to the “inner script” that you operate on.

What many people don’t realize is that this script runs day and night – dictating your thoughts, feelings and behavior at every single moment.

A self-destructive script that doesn’t serve you will only lead to more struggle, more stress, and more unhappiness.

You’ll only operate at a fraction of your full potential. You’ll find yourself feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated and anxious. You’ll often make progress at a snail’s pace, when you could be sprinting towards your dreams at full speed.

But I have good news.

There’s a better way


  • Permanently ending the teeth-clenching struggle and NATURALLY achieving better results in your job, school or social life
  • Never spending a second worrying about everything that could go wrong…and instead making everything go RIGHT in your life
  • Finally hitting the goals you’ve been wanting to for years – all because you felt like you DESERVED to hit them
  • Walking into ANY room feeling great about yourself, where you are, and what you have to bring to the table
  • Feeling respected by peers, coworkers and everyone who comes into contact with you because of the natural confidence you exude
  • Getting more out of what you want in life – and less of what you don’t want

All of that, and much more, is possible when you go DEEP and fix the inner script that you effectively operate on.

And make no mistake, this CAN be done – and in a systematic way that leads to LASTING, long-term change.

It’s not about “hacks”. It’s not about short-term tactics. It’s about permanently changing the way you experience life…and enjoying a lifetime of benefits.


There’s nothing more powerful than writing your own script for your life.

And this can only be done by raising your level of self-esteem and confidence so that YOU become the writer…instead of the helpless reader that most people unknowingly are.

It’s the difference between constantly being thrown around by life’s violent waves and currents…and instead feeling in total control of your life, knowing you can steer the ship any way you want.

You’ll go from being a bystander to being the one who has all the power in your life – and trust me when I say there’s no going back once this has happened.

We’ll show you how with our one-of-a-kind program, I.C.E. Cold Confidence.

What is I.C.E. Cold Confidence?

I.C.E. Cold Confidence is a revolutionary program that gives you the strategies you need to crack the mental blocks that have been holding you back for years – and replace them with the kind of deep, unshakeable confidence that makes hitting your wildest goals a total given.

We focus on helping you master powerful mental skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life…and can never be taken away.

This is extremely important if you want LASTING change that constantly propels you to new heights…and not short-term motivation that fizzles out when things get hard.

In this program, we’ve collected the very best tools and frameworks based off of research-backed techniques, evidence-based practices, and decades of actual experience.

Put simply, that means they’re all scientifically shown to work. No guesswork, no “IFs” no maybes.

On top of that, they’re practical, easy to apply, and extremely powerful.

You can instantly apply what you learn to your work, social or personal life. It’s possible to experience rapid results – but the true reward is the long-term benefits you’ll receive as a result.

Follow the course and you WILL see improvements in practically all areas of your life. That’s because working on your self-esteem has a powerful “ripple effect” that impacts everything you do.

But you won’t just be left to your own devices. That’s because his is an active course where we’ll show you how to integrate the principles into your life.

As you go through the modules you’ll get specific exercises to systematically and permanently raise your level of self-esteem.

We’ve boiled down what’s been shown to work best into the simple, yet incredibly effective I.C.E. method.


Get insight into your unique self-confidence problems and where they stem from


Old beliefs and Learn Techniques to reverse unhelpful patterns


Learn to become an agent for positive change in your life and execute on a new life plan

Based on Evidence-Based Principles
Teaches Skills From Most Effective Approaches
Led By A Host Expert
Built-In Assessment
Opportunities For Home Practice
Includes Real People's Stories
I.C.E. Cold Confidence Training Center

The I.C.E. method is a result of over 20 years of real-world experience, knowledge and training in what’s been actually shown to boost self-esteem.

It’s specifically designed around REMOVING what’s holding you back and REPLACING it with new, empowering paradigms that move you forward.

We’ve done the painstaking work of compiling the most effective practices and principles that exist while cutting out the filler and fluff. You won’t find any theories or pseudoscience here – only what’s been guaranteed to work for anyone that applies it.

It’s some of the most powerful material you’ll ever find on the subject – and it’s been boiled down to an easy-to-apply method that you can use to see immediate results in your life.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside

  • Pinpoint your self-confidence problems
  • Be more mindful and aware in your life

  • Challenge negative thoughts
  • Improve your self-esteem/self-worth
  • Become a better problem solver

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Visualize success

  • Overcome fear of failure and rejection

  • Make decisions with confidence

  • Break out of old patterns

  • How to discover your morals and values

  • Guided Meditations

Why is ICE Cold Confidence Better?

PROVEN techniques from all the best approaches for self-esteem
CUSTOMIZED self-help tailored to each user
INTERACTIVE format allows for user feedback & troubleshooting
EASY to use and engaging
RELATABLE examples told by real people with low self-esteem

Topics Covered in this Training Include

  • Learning about self-esteem and it’s origins.
  • Identifying your inner critic.
  • Affirming yourself and your values.
  • Self compassion and acceptance.
  • Handling problem situations.
  • … and more.

I.C.E. Cold Confidence Is Perfect For You If:

  • You’ve tried “conventional advice” about confidence and self-improvement, but it hasn’t worked.
  • You find yourself taking “one step forward and two steps back” whenever you attempt to make progress on your goals.
  • You’re not looking for short-term tricks, tactics or “hacks” that only lead to temporary change.
  • You want to perform better at school, work or on interviews WITHOUT any of the stress, anxiety or overwhelm.
  • You don’t want to settle with what you currently have in life – but instead you want to enjoy a greater level of health, wealth and happiness.
  • You’re open to doing deep work and seeing massive improvements in every area of your life.
  • You want this year to be the year that everything changes for you – one that you’ll look back on and be incredibly thankful for.


  • A Comprehensive Digital Workbook
  • 11 Personal Assessments
  • Guided Meditations
  • Thought Patterns Course
  • Anecdotes To Your Critic Course
  • S.A.F.E.R Method Response Course

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  • Full access to the entire I.C.E Cold Confidence program. With Over 5 hrs of interactive training designed to fit your needs.
  • A Comprehensive Digital Workbook
  • 11 Personal Assessments
  • Guided Meditations
  • Thought Patterns Course
  • Anecdotes To Your Critic Course
  • S.A.F.E.R Method Response Course

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  • Work personally with Josh Shaw. With 24 Structured personal calls designed to set goals in all areas of your life. Plus exercises to help you redefine yourself and become the person you want to be. (Reg Price $1,200.00)
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  • Full access to the entire I.C.E Cold Confidence program. With Over 5 hrs of interactive training designed to fit your needs. (Reg Price $197.00)
  • A Comprehensive Digital Workbook
  • 11 Personal Assessments
  • Guided Meditations
  • Thought Patterns Course
  • Anecdotes To Your Critic Course
  • S.A.F.E.R Method Response Course

Meet Your Instructors

Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw will be your host throughout this confidence-boosting course. He is a success coach and entrepreneur, who has transformed adversity into a life of success and prosperity. Josh has built businesses worth millions and has now turned his attention to inspiring others to believe in themselves.

Dr. Jason Holland

Dr. Jason Holland

Dr. Jason Holland offers expert advice in each session of this online self-confidence course. Dr. Holland is a licensed clinical psychologist, therapist, researcher, self-help author, and leading expert in stress management who has been cited by thousands.

Some People Choose To Be Stuck.
Others Choose I.C.E. Cold Confidence.

Think about it:

Most people go through their whole lives dealing with jobs they hate, finances they wish were better, and relationships that leave them unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

Their goals never get hit. Their dreams don’t become a reality. The better life they imagined for themselves just stays as a vision in their heads.

Progress never gets made, they get frustrated, and they give up and settle with what they have.

How many people in your life do you know that are like this?

Have you ever worried about the same thing happening to you?

All of these issues are caused by the level of self-esteem we operate at. And by leaving this unchecked, we’re at a huge risk of never getting what we want in life.

The truth is that your life isn’t going to wait for you to feel confident. It just keeps moving right along. It’s up to you to treat the inner script that holds you back from the life you desire.

I don’t want you to simply become just another person who “survives” through life – but someone who THRIVES.

I created I.C.E. Cold Confidence as your “secret playbook” to improve your confidence, boost your motivation, and engineer an ideal future for yourself.

You don’t have to tell anyone you went through the program. Instead they’ll just notice your quiet confidence, the new way you carry yourself, and how calm you are when times get tough.

As a result, you’ll be recognized and respected in your relationships. You’ll stand out in interviews. You’ll naturally gravitate to leadership roles and higher positions.

You’ll enjoy more success, more responsibility and more control. You’ll take everything that life has to throw at you and handle it all with a grin on your face. Because when your default response to any challenge you face is “I’ve got this”, there’s nothing you can’t do.

But that can only come from the decision you make today. In a year from now you can experience the life you deserve to, or you can keep things the way they are.

The choice is yours.